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As with every month, it has been a hectic but exhilarating one with lots of great feedback and experiences; its been a great first 3 months of the page. This October there will be new content as there is every month but lets start with what's happened this September! So if you are only interested in the new content, scroll down to the bottom of the post. 👇

In September, I refined the quality of the posts, by rendering every picture which gave them a crisper and more professional look. The page has grown to almost 600 likes, which has been aided by the kind feature in the popular Facebook group LEGO STAR WARS DIEHARD FANS. I was also honoured to be made a moderator of the groups, in order to bring my page and the community closer together.

In September I also started the linked group LEGO MOCs - Community Builders as a way to easily upload LDD files of the posts and techniques I cover. This has been a great asset and will continue to serve its purpose with October's new feature; which will be a handbook summarising all the tips covered so far on the page!

The Builder's Handbook will allow any newcomers to get up to speed with basic tips and techniques so that everyone can enjoy the content. It will also give you a reference guide if you are unsure, and will gather all the past 3 months of posts that have covered the basic information, combining them for easy viewing. As I build up more advanced techniques on the page, you can expect a handbook on all those covered as well.

I hope you find value in the Builder's Handbook that will be released tomorrow (October 1st 2017) on LEGO MOCs - Community Builders, and thanks for sticking with the page; let's try and make October even better! Cheers!


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