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September 2018 - MONTHLY UPDATE

After the enjoyable summer months, we've been pushing Tips&Bricks to new and exciting heights. From starting the page in July 2017, we've tried to bring a new form of content each month to keep the page fresh by changing the format of posts, creating a community group and moving to Instagram. This had slipped during the summer and with the development of the website, but we're excited to announce new content each month again!

I'll get onto October's content, but first let's discuss September. After the successful launch of our website, I've received a lot of valuable feedback. An example of this that will be in effect soon is too many/large ads, which will be addressed and updated today. We are growing at a decent rate too, and better than we ever expected on Instagram. Everyone seems to be enjoying MOCs and Q&As, so check it out here if you haven't already:

So onto the content this month; we're excited to release the next Builder's Handbook, which will present simple and advanced techniques which are organised into topics. This handbook will be aimed at inspiring builders with their own techniques and MOCs and features more advanced technique than the two basic handbooks we offer for free on our website. More details and the release tomorrow!

Once again thanks for all the support, and stay tuned for all the big plans we have for Tips&Bricks!


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