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We're thrilled to finally share something that we've been working on for a long time behind the scenes. Today is the launch of Brick Alliance, a new community focused on education and activism around diversity and inclusion topics regarding the LEGO community and LEGO products.

While we've been posting diversity and inclusion related posts and perspectives since January 2021 and will continue sharing these, we're thrilled to be joining forces with other communities such as the Women's Brick Initiative and GayFOLs for Brick Alliance. We are united by our diversity and shared mission to make the AFOL community more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all, especially under-represented and excluded groups.

The Brick Alliance website, Facebook group, Facebook page and Instagram page officially launch today, so please head over to our website for lots more information and consider getting involved yourself. With Brick Alliance now set up, it's down to all of you to join us and drive forward discussion and change in our community.


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