In the summer of 2019 we were recognised by The LEGO Group as a Recognised Fan Media for the content that we produce.


My name is Alex Johnson, and I'm a 18 year old TFOL from the UK. I'm currently  studying Product Design at university.

Like everyone else, I had LEGO® as a kid but only discovered the online and professional LEGO® community in 2015. I immediately got hooked with custom building, and wanted to create my own models. I looked around for help but couldn't find a place to learn the techniques and tips I needed to build the models I wanted to.

That is when I started my blog, Tips&Bricks, as a method of becoming a more capable builder. Since then, I have been able to share this journey with builders from all over the world, exploring and explaining the very best techniques, MOCs and much more.



The aims of this blog are to help anyone build a MOC, inspire new builders and provide interesting content for seasoned enthusiasts.

We also provide resources for builders in the form of handbooks. The basic Builder’s Handbooks are available for free to give everyone the start they need to advanced LEGO building.



We also offer advanced and tree techniques handbook, where technique from a range of topics are presented. We charge for the digital download of these products to keep servers running and maintain daily posts. We choose to donate 10% of our sales to Fairy Bricks, a charity that brings LEGO sets to children in hospital.

This blog has evolved over time, but we generally keep to the same schedule in terms of topics.

The current weekly schedule is:

MONDAY MOC of the Week: I choose a custom build by a designer and talk about the techniques used


TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY - Techniques: I feature, analyse and explain an interesting technique


FRIDAY - Favourite Brick of the Week: I select a part and discuss its uses beyond its regular applications

SATURDAY - Other: I could write about anything; everything from new pieces to building and buying tips

SUNDAY - Technique discussion: I highlight 6 techniques for producing a certain aspect of a MOC, such as walls or trees


Tips&Bricks is not associated with the LEGO Group. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

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