Tree Techniques Price Guide:

To create a price guide for each technique in the handbook, we looked at the average price of each piece on Bricklink. It should be noted that these prices are accurate of August 2019, as if you were purchasing pieces from the UK and that the price guide is for the parts shown in each parts list (and therefore could include expensive colours / rare parts). This price guide will be updated yearly.


Angled hinges - Total: £7.32 (leaves are £4.60)

Leaf weaving – Total: £3.06

Angled bars – Total: £9.28 (leaves are £6.64)

Slope bunches – Total: £9.99

Mini blossom –Total: £3.12



Stud shooter - Total: £4.15

Angled bars – Total: £3.45



Layers of slopes – Total: £9.96 (other colour would be much cheaper)

Leaf weaving pine – Total: £9.44 (leaves are £8.36)

Clip bunches – Total: £9.63 (other colour would be much cheaper)

Octagons + hinges – Total: £8.34

Sideways stems – Total: £3.00



T piece palm – Total: £6.29 (palm tree trunk pieces are £3.64)

Rings palm – Total: £7.64

Dinosaur palm – Total: £10.40 (palm tree trunk pieces are £4.14)

Simple palm – Total: £3.72



Technic trunk – Total: £4.31

Thin trunk – Total: £3.10

Slope trunk – Total: £3.71

Flex tube trunk – Total: £12.70 (trunk is £7.50 and canopy is £5.20)


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