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#102 TECHNIQUES - Cheese slope mosaics/floors

Today we will look at a technique that can be used for making mosaics/floors for your MOCs and uses one very important piece; the 1x1 "cheese" slope.

These slopes can be combined to make unique shapes for floors and come in a wide range of colours for many bright designs. Often, the cheese slopes are not attached and are just resting sideways on tiles. This is possible because all the surfaces of the cheese slope are smooth, so there are no studs that interfere, allowing each slope to sit flush next to one another. They are held in place because they are pushed together tightly, and often held in place by a brick-built frame.

Here is a link to a Pinterest post, that shows lots of interesting designs for floors when you scroll down:; showing literally any floor design can be made using them.

Here is a link to a great tutorial as well:…/cheese-slope-mosaics-t…


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