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#1026 SET REVIEW: Creator 3-in-1 31108 Caravan Family Holiday

Today we're reviewing the new Caravan Family Holiday et, releasing June 1st! We were sent this by LEGO but our view is unbiased and we aim to provide a unique review from the perspective of a MOC builder and fan of building techniques. We score sets out of 100, giving 20 points each for a variety of factors. Check out the images for our full technique analysis!

Although a caravan is a concept that's been in a lot of Creator sets, this set really does have a got a lot going for it: a fun selection of vehicles, 3 great minifigures and plenty of things for them to interact with from the paddleboard to the brick built animals. It's certainly a fun set for kids to play with, but as always our review look from the perspective of an AFOL so the easy build meant they're weren't many interesting building techniques.

However, it does contain some clever constructions of things such as the animals, cabinets and caravan skylight. This set also has a great part selection that includes a range of blue slopes as well as interesting specialised pieces such as brackets and 1x2 round plates that do this set attractive for older builder.

The alternative builds aren't as great as the pirate ship and leave you with plenty of bricks left over. Although we did have fun making them into a range of holiday activities, the alternate builds should have been able to stand by themselves which isn't really the case, especially for the (predicted) price tag.

What are your thoughts on this new Creator set? Let us know in the comments!

*Prices at the time of posting have not yet been confirmed by The LEGO Group, but Brickset have reported a price of 79.99€ that from other LEGO sets informed our estimate of the UK and US prices.*


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