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#1081 MOC of the Week: The Burrow by Cami5 and Thire5

With the launch of the latest wave of Harry Potter sets last month, it's been awesome to see all the Harry Potter MOCs that people are building. This week's MOC of the Week was actually created last summer but is too fantastic not to share! Cami5 and Thire5 on Flickr created a huge, minifigure scale version of everyone's favourite ginger-haired families' house - The Burrow!

It features a highly detailed exterior with colourful roofs and a vibrant surrounding garden. Various tiles in grey, tan and brown are used to give a wooden panel effect and supports, windows and balconies are dotted around the structure, with everything coming together to make a stunning display model.

Make sure you're following Martin Latta's LEGO - thire5 here on Facebook or on Flickr to keep up with his impressive builds:


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