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#109 TECHNIQUES - Advanced positioning

Many MOCs have unique angles that cannot be accurately recreated with the normal procedure of stacking bricks, even if a selection of slopes or other specialist pieces are used. Brick may have to be positioned at slants or angles to achieve the shape that you are trying to recreate in your MOC.

For example, in this video:, a YouTuber names LegoSpencer is making a Star Wars ship from Rogue One, which has complex angles. If you flick to the timestamp of 8:12, you will see a clever technique utilized, allowing him to create the smooth shape of the ship. These angles and surfaces have been created with many pieces, some of which can be found in the picture below. The pieces are useful as they can be moulded to the unique shape of the angle allowing you to position bricks in many places you weren't able to before.

The 1x2 hinged bricks and the 1x4 swivel bricks position the bricks at unique angles. the 1x2 panel is used to close the gap between the sections, where a normal brick would be too big, but the panel covers the gap well because of its unique size. This piece is therefore useful in many techniques to make surfaces flush and run smoothly into one another.

This technique also introduces secondary plane building, meaning you are building bricks not just on one horizontal plane, but at different planes. This can enhance your MOC, as although it is more complicated and takes more time to work out, you can create smoother surfaces or add details to any side you wish.


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