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#112 Favourite Brick Friday: 87926 Cylinder Half 3 x 6 x 6 with 1 x 2 Cutout

The piece we will look at this Friday can look great on the exterior of a MOC, but is rather unknown use is often found on the interior. It can be used a filler brick, to fill remaining empty space on a large scale MOC. It is ideal for this because of its size to price ratio, as it takes up a lot of space but does not cost extortionate amounts.

For example, the 9p per piece on Bricklink. Comparing that to a 2x6 brick, where 6 would be needed to fill the same space as this piece, is around 4p per piece, or 24p for all 6. Therefore, the size to price ratio is much better than regular bricks, especially if there is lots of empty space to fill so multiple are needed.

Another advantage of using this piece is that it provides a lot of strength to the structure of your MOC. The rounded shape gives more strength than regular bricks, and although they cannot attach easily together, plates can be used to link them horizontally.


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