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#1139 Favourite Brick Friday 25269 Quarter Tile

This week’s favourite brick is the quarter tile. It’s one of the most versatile pieces in our opinion—even though it was only introduced in 2016! Since a single quarter tile is asymmetric, it can be used to create depth by having both jagged and round edges, revealing the surfaces and colours beneath.

Each builder was able to achieve completely different details and effects with the quarter tile, and with 34 colours so far to chose from, the possibilities seem endless. How do you use the quarter tile?

Check out the builders here:

@daedalus_workshop uses the quarter tile extensively, oriented in the same direction to perfectly mimic the scales of a life-sized sockeye salmon:

-soccerkid6 on Flickr uses the void left by the quarter tile to create intricate floor patterns, pairing it with other modified tiles to create depth:

@ranghaal gave a brief breakdown of a technique their uses of quarter tiles to create textures in many of their MOCs. The technique heavily emphasizing random rotation of the tiles and layering of tiles, jumpers, and plates beneath them:


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