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#119 Favourite Brick Friday: 18649 Modified 1x2 Plate with handles on (both) ends

The piece we will look at this Friday was introduced in 2015, having been made by the designers at The LEGO Group to solve a simple problem of strength and size.

The problem was that no hinge piece had sufficient strength or the length required to position hinged pieces on both sides in a 1x4 area. Before, multiple pieces were needed and the was no 1x1 w/handle on end to achieve a smaller area.

This piece therefore solves both issues as it is small enough to fit in a 1x4 area yet had handles on both ends for hinges. It also provides enough strength to need minimal to no support of other bricks.

Since its introduction in 2015 it has been used in 117 sets such as the London Bus and Carousel.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:


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