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#123 TECHNIQUES - Creating curves with bricks (brick "bending")

Circles or curves can be tricky to create with LEGO as there are few parts that will be the size you want to achieve.

However, there is a fairly easy and simple technique you can use to "bend" bricks and position then in curves. This is done by using a combinations of regular bricks and 1x1 cylinders. The cylinders allow the regular bricks to rotate very slightly as the cylinders are rounded, which is enough to create a slight curve. With cylinders, an angle of 8-10 degrees can be created, which if repeated can form a full circle.

These curves can be created without cylinder bricks as regular bricks do have some capacity to be curved, but only slightly (1-2 degrees). They are therefore used for very gradual curves that need to be there but not look dramatic.

When using these curves, often they are combined with SNOT bricks, and pates are placed to cover the small gaps created. For example, when using cylinders, the parts can be covered up to show a smooth surface if tiles are used.

An unfortunate downside to this techniques is that the curves you create will be quite big, as the cylinders only allow you to angle the regular bricks to a small degree. However, if you want a smaller curve, there should be a part that will be the right size for you.


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