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#1243 TECHNIQUES: Furniture designs

In today’s post, we dive into 2 examples of intricate furniture, looking specifically at the pieces they use.

Workshysteve on Flickr has created a brilliant office scene featuring a comfy couch, ornate wooden desk and other equally detailed pieces of furniture. Letranger Absurde’s classic furniture set utilizes some newer pieces, including the book utensil parts no. 24093 and 24324, as well as the new suitcase piece from the Harry Potter Minifigure Series, no. 37702pb01. This mini-build consists of a small bureau, a mini table, and a standing closet, all of which are built of reddish brown parts. Take a look specifically how this author got the unique angles on this build, using a variety of sharp edged and smoothed edged pieces.

Have you built any furniture recently or seen other good examples? Tell us about it in the comments.

Check out the builder's on Flickr here:


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