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#1271 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: A-frame cabin by Andrea Lattanzio (Norton SevenFour)

This week’s technique analysis an incredible autumnal scene of an A-frame cabin by Andrea Lattanzio, aka Norton SevenFour. The build gives us a Henry David Thoreau, living-off-the-grid-in-the-woods vibe with its colour palette of browns, tans, greys, and reds paired with the perfectly rustic and playful textures Andrea uses.

This build is packed full of minifigure-sized accessories and details that make this cabin feel homey and truly lived in by the two characters. From a slingshot as the cabin’s door handle to the extensive use of Thor’s hammer from the foundation, the part usage is both entirely practical and incredibly imaginative. Take your time to explore the photos as we’ve highlighted some of our favourite part usages but there are plenty of other interesting details and characters!

Visit Andrea’s website for the inspiration for the build, as well as additional behind the scenes photos:


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