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#1288 MOCS OF THE WEEK: WandaVision MOCs and minifigures

Previously on Tips&Bricks… If you’ve been keeping up with WandaVision like we have, you might be feeling sad that the series has come to an end. But don’t worry! Our featured post is full of inspirational MOCs and minifigures that can help you re-create, rebuild or re-live your favourite moments of WandaVision!

@flo4real_’s bedroom MOC featuring a moving mechanism (swipe to see it in action!) @the_brick_patch built a classic television with removeable scenes from the show that you can swap in and out! We love the creativity and versatility of this build…much like the television show it’s based on! @moc_lego_buildings has a great BrickHead of Halloween Vision, while @paulvillemocs accurately re-creates the screen that fills every WandaVision viewer with rage each week… On the following slides, @the_brick_fan, @detektivestudio, @lego_cryptor and @lego_brickey re-create fan favourite characters in minifigure form. @kishalego's fantastic custom minifigures recreating some amazing moments and costumes from the series!

(All builders on Instagram) What are your thoughts on WandaVision in LEGO? Let us know!


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