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#1335 SET REVIEW: 76199: Carnage

Today’s review is a helmet set, a type of set we haven't reviewed yet. This one is for Carnage, from the upcoming movie, Venom: Let There be Carnage. We were sent this by LEGO but our view is unbiased and we aim to provide a unique review from the perspective of a MOC builder and fan of building techniques. We score sets out of 100, giving 20 points each for a variety of factors.

We really appreciated the time and parts taken to create accurate angles and a super-detailed mouth build. The bust’s mouth employs unique SNOT, hinge, and ball-joint techniques that give the build an accurate, life-like feel. Our only major criticism would be the stickers used for symbiote details - for a display set aimed at adults we would have expected these to be printed. Overall though, it's an excellent set at a decent price, giving you a unique and distinctive bust of one of Spiderman's creepiest villains.

Let us know your thoughts on this set and what helmet-style sets you want to see next? Maybe for Spiderman or Black Panther?


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