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#1342 TECHNIQUES: Curved and Angled Space Ship Hulls

There are hundreds of incredible space ship designs in sci-fi, whether in the Star Wars universe or your own imagination. Among these are sleek, rounded ships like the Naboo Royal Starship and distinctive Mon Calamari cruisers. Figuring out how to build curved, smooth, or angled hulls can be tricky—so in this post, we’re breaking down some of the easiest but most effective ways you can replicate the angles and curves of these iconic designs.

(All builders on Instagram)

@jorstad.designs and @bergerstein both make use of a combination of wedge pieces, slopes, and curved slopes, to replicate the rounded forms of their spaceships. Meanwhile, @remcorohaan crafts a magnificent Imperial Nebulon cruiser using wedge plate panels and technic structures, and and @lamborghiniwafflesauce use SNOT techniques and sloped elements to create angled starfighter wings, complete with SNOT-based patterns and designs!

Let us know how you’ve used recreated sloped or angled spaceship shapes!


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