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#1349 SET REVIEW: 41449 Andrea’s Family House

From one Friends theme to another - today, let’s take a look at Andrea’s vibrant and glamorous family house! Andrea is the last of the main Friends cast to get a house, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. We were sent this set by LEGO but our view is unbiased and we aim to provide a unique review from the perspective of a MOC builder and fan of building techniques. We scored this set out of 100, giving 20 points each for a variety of factors.

Andrea’s house is a fantastic build that includes a great selection of pieces, numerous interior details, and an eye-catching, pop-y exterior. The set also includes a great selection of mini-dolls, as well as some innovative creative piece uses to build grapes, drinking cups, and furniture. While stickers are numerous, this is nothing new for Friends sets, and all of the stickers are easy to apply.

Do you agree or disagree with our scores? And what is your opinion on the Friends theme in general? Comment below to share your thoughts!


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