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#136 Monday's MOC of the Week: Metro 2033

This week's is from a user on Flickr by the name of Fedin, who has created an amazing scene of a dilapidated metro station. Here is a link to his post on Flickr, where you can also check out his profile for other amazing MOCs:

Fedin based this MOC on a novel called Metro 2033. In his own words, here is the story behind it: "In late 2013, a nuclear war occurred. Russia was targeted with atomic bombs, causing severe radiation across Moscow, forcing the rest of the people to live underground in the metro stations away from the deadly effects of radiation. "

This backstory has been perfectly captured in his MOC, with the rundown metro station showing all kinds of wear and tear, being inhabited by a range of people all wanting to survive. The colours used, including gold and dark orange give a contrast between what the station once was and how it is now, with rust on the rails and rubble (studs) scattered everywhere.

The details included in the MOC give it another dimension, with parts being used in great ways, such as minifigure arms as a flag and rods used to show supports inside the walls. There are also splashes of colour from the partially destroyed train and pot plants, once again adding to its dilapidated look.

Fedin has also used a number of great techniques to create the rounded celling of the station. I believe he has used brick bending, where the bricks themselves aren't completely connected, allowing them to curve to form a rounded ceiling (the wedge plates cover the gaps up). He has also created a brilliant texture of missing tiles on the walls, which I believe is by using headlight bricks to attach 1x1 studs backwards and create a unique texture. The walls of the MOC itself have been crafted incredibly well, with dark tan showing where the wall has crumbled away and textured bricks as well as a variety of slopes to create textured surfaces.

A highly detailed build with a story behind it; just as good as some of his other MOCs that you can check out using the link above.


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