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#1369 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: The Storyteller’s Terrace by Eli Willsea

Today’s technique analysis is an eye-catching MOC by itself, but the various, unique techniques used in it make it a special build for any LEGO builder! Eli Willsea, the designer, takes out all the stops in designing their Storyteller’s Terrace. From unique details in the large tree over the build to intricate architectural designs, this designer seems to use every single piece there is (just kidding :P)!

The designer picks a colour palette that is very reminiscent of a fantasy world – bright greens and blues, along with the hues of orange and dark bluish grey seem magic in their combination. The natural edge of grass around the bottom of the build is mirrored by the natural shape of the tree, alluding to the shape of one large circle. The tactile combination of grasses and greenery with the flat, patio space showcases all of this builder’s talent. Catch an infinity stone topping the cane of the storyteller!

For more from this builder, visit their Instagram, @forlornempire. What are your thoughts on this build?


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