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#1374 TECHNIQUES: S.N.O.T. (Studs Not On Top) Walls

Today, we’re looking at two interesting ways builders have used SNOT techniques to create sleek and interesting walls. First, @martin.with.bricks has used bracket pieces, along with tiles, to create neatly arranged metal lockers for Imperial stormtroopers. Each locker is sandwiched by tiles on their sides, and the doors use sideways hinge pieces to mimic door handles! Carl Greatrix on Flickr also uses sideways tiles, but this time he attaches them using clips and headlight bricks to create the textures of a train carriage.

Both builders use SNOT techniques to build outwards in multiple directions, so that tiles are facing towards us, upwards, and to the sides! Have you used these SNOT techniques before? Let us know in the comments below!


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