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#1443 Q&A WITH DESIGNERS: Interview with LEGO Designers from Harry Potter theme

At the end of June we had the honour of speaking to LEGO designers and asking them your questions! This was through the LEGO Ambassador Network of which were are part of, so we were able to do 4 interviews with 4 different teams.

Our final interview was with designers Marcos Bessa and Yi-Chien Cheng from the Harry Potter theme. They answered questions on how diversity and inclusion has influenced their choices, whether we'll ever get sets based on the 7th book or scenes that don't appear in the films, and what inspired the doll-house style of the new sets.

We want to say a massive thank you to Marcos and Yi-Chien for their time and interesting answers, as well as to the LEGO Ambassador Network team for making this interview possible!

This is our final Q&A post - thanks to everyone who submitted questions and we hope you enjoyed reading all of the interviews!


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