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#1482 TECHNIQUES: Dead & Leafless Trees

Today’s technique looks at something very familiar to the Tips&Bricks team – trees – but in a different way: trees without leaves! The builds in today’s post highlight various ways to make dead & leafless trees, using various Reddish Brown pieces. Whether it is for your current Star Wars or historical build, or you just want to set your build in the middle of the cold season, these techniques are perfect for all types of builds.

A few main pieces make up the bulk of the techniques: minifigure hands, carrot tops, and the bar holder with clip. These pieces are useful for their various connection points and rounded ends, both which make for useful features to build a tree. Some of the builds also use the iconic Indiana Jones whip piece to give the scenes a bit more life. Have you built trees in this way before? Share your favourite techniques below in the comments!

Check out the featured builders here:


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