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#1491 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 65130 Vidiyo Handle Strap, 67196 Dots Bracelet

Strap in for today’s Favourite Brick Friday post, where we’re looking at two similar but equally exciting parts: The rubber handle that serves as a headphone strap for Vidiyo sets, and the Dots bracelet! These flexible parts don’t have too many obvious connection points, but that hasn’t stopped creative builders from using it in their MOCs!

@dan.ko56 uses the thick, stud-less Vidiyo strap to create a smooth, sleek sci-fi speeder. Meanwhile, SpaceBrick on Flickr uses the Vidiyo strap as a wrap for a beautiful mimosa flower build.

On the Dots side @bousker_ uses the 1 stud wide bracelet strap while @mathijs_dubbeldam_exetrius uses the 2 stud wide bracelet, for very different ends—Bousker to create a detailed dance stage and Exetrius to construct a variety of life-size wrist bands and watches.

Have you used strap parts in your builds? Do you have any other ideas for how to use this piece? Comment down below or tag us in your posts!


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