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#1492 SET REVIEW: 92177 Ship in a bottle

Today we’re reviewing one of the newly resurrected, formerly retired Ship in a bottle, Ideas set #20. It is one of two Ideas sets re-released this year (the other is 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V, the 17th Ideas set).

It is wonderful to get a second chance at buying some of the more collectible sets in a highly coveted line. These are the first sets to be re-released sets since the Taj Mahal (10256), but these sets have the exact same piece count as the originals.

Logistics aside, this a great display set with some wonderful techniques. The build experience is really nice (this reviewer has built some other frustrating sets lately…) and shouldn’t be overlooked. The part selection is ideal for anyone looking for bulk transparent parts, and most of the printed parts are exclusive to the set, including Easter Eggs for former LEGO Model Designer @tiagoreiscatarino! And no stickers!!

We were sent this sets by LEGO but our view is unbiased and we aim to provide a unique review from the perspective of a MOC builder and fan of building techniques. We score sets out of 100, giving 20 points each for a variety of factors.

Do you agree with our review? Do you think LEGO will re-release more Ideas sets, or other themes? Which ones would you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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