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#1496 SET REVIEW: Lightailing Light Kit For Brick Bank 10251

Today we have a review of something a little bit different – a light kit! We were lucky enough to have one sent to us by Lightailing, a light kit company that creates kits to light up official LEGO sets as well as your own custom creations.

This light kit was a perfect addition to our contributor Brayden's LEGO city – it both highlights a vibrant interior that is otherwise hidden and brightens the streetscape in the city. Consisting of four different light strands and a battery box, this kit lights the entire building’s interior and exterior. The kit both lights up existing light fixtures and features, such as the sconces on either side of the bank’s entryway, and accents various parts of the building, like the stained-glass windows and tall, sand green arched windows.

Unlike some other light kits, Lightailing products come with both physical instruction manuals as well as online versions. Although the instructions are comprehensive, to easily follow them requires knowledge of how to quickly disassemble and re-assemble portions of the Brick Bank, which is not the easiest skill for new builders to acquire.

Overall, Brayden was very pleased with how this kit turned out and looks forward to illuminating another part of their city! Do you light your LEGO creations? What kinds of lights do you prefer? Share in the comments below!

Check out the Lightailing website here if you're interested in their products (not an affiliate link):


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