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#1510 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY:48729 Mechanical Claw

The mechanical claw (part 48729) is an extremely useful part but it’s not just for robot hands or holding bars in place.

We’re showcasing some nice examples of what great uses you can make out of the little claw piece. Whether its pure aesthetics as seen with the TV aerial by brickdesigned or utilising it in a more traditional form but compiling with other interesting pieces to make some great MOCs – seen with the chandelier and Anglepoise desk lamp.

Also, looking at the wings by Thebrickcentric, they’ve used a combination of both mechanical claws and minifigure hands. They all link to each other to create the wing form and also the visual look of individual feather layers.

Plus we look at the ingenious technique by Paolo Loro to overlap many claws and connect in such a way to make a flexible, and bendable chainmail style texture. Which can become a castle wall, a unique chain, or a curved and textured roof for a building.


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