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#1515 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 18969 Panel 4 x 4 x 11 (Hot Air Balloon Part)

Come meet us in the sky for today’s featured part, the hot air balloon panel! Its size and unique round form might seem intimidating, but these masterful builders prove no LEGO part is too difficult to use. uses the part in a variety of ways to build Olivia the swordmaiden—how many instances of the part can you see? Meanwhile, @rionz had the brilliant idea to make a lightbulb, and @kosbrick uses several white balloon parts to create a beautiful flower.

Swipe and check out Jens Ohrndorf’s architectural technique, which hides the bottom half of the part to create a smooth dome. And 1wave makes a very cute octopus…or is it a squid? Plus, @chubbybots makes a fantastically boggle-eyed chicken.

Which is your favourite technique? How else have you used this piece? Comment down below!


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