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#1540 SET REVIEW: 10279 VW T2 Camper Van

Today we're reviewing the VW T2 Camper Van, or at least we tried to...

Our score on the first slide is not a mistake - read through the slides to find out why, from our copy, we cannot recommend this set in any way and were therefore forced to score it 0/100.

Once you've read our thoughts, we're keen to hear yours, especially if you've built the set yourself. We will definitely be reaching out on the LEGO Ambassador Network to contact LEGO about this set but we first wanted to inform you of our experience with it and hear your thoughts.

[Review product provided by LEGO]

1 Comment

I bought this set when it first came out, and just got around to building it. And I was so aggravated with how poorly it stays together. That front end is awful. And the sliding door isn't much better. I'm all for fancy doors and stuff, but let's make sure it stays together and works.

An additional minor point. I have no idea why a set of this level should have a sticker for the radiator. I replaced the sticker with white grill tiles over a medium azure plate. Looks authentic and so much better than a sticker.

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