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#1557 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Minifigure-Scale Robots

Today’s Technique Discussion post, the first of 2022, looks at the futuristic LEGO technology of… minifigure robots! All types of builders have tackled the minifigure robot, employing parts from minifigure torsos and heads to unique accessories and Star Wars parts.

The builds in today’s posts all have lives of their own, from fun Baller robots to futuristic mechs and assistance droids. One thing is clear -- the use of colour in minifigure-scale robots brings each robot to life.

Have you ever attempted a minifigure-scale robot? What ways did you make yours? Share in the comments.

תגובה אחת

3 days ago

In our latest TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION, we explore the fascinating world of minifigure-scale robots. These tiny marvels, perfect for LEGO enthusiasts and robotics hobbyists alike, offer a unique blend of creativity and engineering. Building these miniature robots requires precision and innovative design techniques to ensure functionality at a small scale. To further enhance your robotics projects, consider Kubernetes certification training. This training equips developers with the skills to manage containerized applications efficiently, ensuring scalable and robust deployments. By integrating Kubernetes, you can optimize the performance and reliability of your minifigure-scale robots, taking your hobby to the next level with advanced technology and innovative solutions.

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