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#1571 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Brick built Scene Backgrounds

Today we’re looking at several examples of brick built backgrounds to scenes, which can add depth and character to your builds! Using other tools alongside backgrounds, such as foreground foliage or other characters in the middle ground, can increase the realistic look of a scene or image you’re recreating or dreaming up yourself!

Understanding the roles of each “ground” can help you grasp where details are crucial and where certain things can be left of the imagination, like “exactly how far away are those mountains our heroes are journeying to?” or “do we think that volcano is going to erupt soon?!” It’s all about the story you want to tell, so ask yourself: what is the time of day? The weather? The location or setting? How can you hide details in the fuzziness of the background to relate to the crisp details surrounding the subjects of your build?

Another tip: look at your favorite movie or TV show scenes for inspiration! Directors are masters of this skill.

Correction: First two builds by ~Koschei~ @koscheilego

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