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#1573 SET REVIEW: 21332 The Globe, LEGO Ideas #040

Today, Tips&Bricks reviews the newest LEGO set to be released from LEGO Ideas, The Globe! Original design by @disneybrick , this globe comes with dozens of new pieces and is a display-worthy work of art and feat of construction.

Across the entire build, printed tiles denote the different continents and oceans of the world. Using dark tan and green tiles and plates, the six inhabited continents – Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America – are precisely created out of LEGO bricks. With full spinning function and a sturdy support arm, this globe is ready to help you plan your next trip abroad!

The structure of The Globe is based around a network of technic connections. This network lines the inside of the sixteen slices of “earth” that make up the globe, each with seven segments that narrow as they reach their end. On either end of each segment are clips which, along with a central technic and SNOT frame, help secure the spherical center of this build.

After reviewing the set, the only question we have is: where to next?


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