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#1581 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Biolab by Jake @mountainhobbit

This large vignette by Jake @mountainhobbit was built as an entry to the 2021 Rebellug vignweek contest.

The Biolab has a very clean futuristic look, thanks to the use of SNOT (studs not on top) techniques on the floor and wall allowing for creative parts use such as the sideways launcher bricks on the floor. The presence of many rounded components such as the rosettes made of 2/3 slopes arranged sideways enhance the futuristic look of this build. The scene is brightened by a simple technique: using white parts to create lighting effects. Finally, the colours of the plants really pop throughout the build and draw our attention towards the creative techniques used on these live organisms. They include fun parts use such as knit caps and hands in dark lilac, unicorn horns and blade in azure, as well as the clever use of 12 teeth bevel gears to imitate the mushrooms’ gills.

While you wait for scientists to develop the yummy space fruits and vegetables of the future, check out more builds from Jake @mountainhobbit on Flickr:


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