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#1601 TECHNIQUES: Bay windows by Maxim Baybakov

We love the look of these protruding curved bay windows, created by Maxim Baybakov @baybakovmaxim. The traditional architectural feature has been so well constructed, not only aesthetically, but also demonstrates perfectly how you can push the limitations of traditional brick building techniques.

They have chosen to feature the 3x3x2 curved brick piece for the actual windows, which that decision seems to have then influenced the thinking for how the rest of the building façade works with that piece. The curves from the windows are continued all the way up in the stonework styling, with a few 2x2 curved plates applied to SNOT bricks. These curved plates lock into the front point of the curve to hold into place bricks that are not held or connected by studs. A not so traditional technique yet so successful and ideal for this finish.

You can follow the builder on Instagram and Flickr:


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