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🎵 Ice, Ice Baby..!🎵 This week’s technique discussion post focuses on ice building techniques.

Throught the builds of highly creative AFOLs, we analyze the colours, transparency, density and shapes that best depict ice. Whether you are already planning your next winter village, thinking about a change of season in your city or creating an environment for your old school Ice Planet sets, you need to have a look at these techniques!

So gather all your trans light blue and clear bricks and let’s build some ice!

Featuring pictures from Renee L (Flickr), @allysongaillego , Dr. Zarkow (Flickr), @forlornempire , Little John @littlejohn_brickbuilt , BrickSpiration Studios (@brickspirationstudios), Mark of Siloam (Flickr) and The Steads (Flickr).


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