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#1618 Favourite Brick Friday: Paint Roller Handle (34076)

Today we’re celebrating Paint roller handle (part 34076) an often overlooked part that actually has a lot more to offer beyond its intended use.

The unusual bends and overall shape can create some interesting and fun features when viewed with some imagination. As can be seen as animal necks and legs by makcarno_lego and rowia.builds.

Otherwise, the part offers MOC builders a functional yet decorative connector piece. Whether that’s as a bracket for hanging sign, street lamps or wing mirror. Perfectly demonstrated by mbricks52, haphazard_lego and legokitchen.

For a purely decorative feature, why not add some dynamic bends to your pipework or railings on your MOCs. Cube.brick has seen the potential in the paint roller handle as the ideal piece to change direction in their pipework made from bars and lightsaber handles.

Check out the featured builders here:


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