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#1631 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 970c00 Minifigure Legs

We've got legs for days! Today’s FBF post features the ubiquitous minifigure legs. Ever felt like you have too many spares? Here are some ideas, but be warned—removing them from the hips is technically illegal and can stress the parts… Creativity has its costs!

In this post Bryce Dempsey built a diminutive but impressive rocket for Iron Forge, while Cab shows off their creativity by using the minifigure leg as part of a piano! Meanwhile Ted Andes, shows how minifigure legs can be bread…both toasted and in loaf form! Stuart Harris uses the legs’ hinged capability to create a rainbow of pants, while Shield-and-Sword Bricks shows off an easily transferrable technique of stonework!

Check out and follow these builders, and be sure to check out run by Iron Builders, for which some of these builds were created!

Check out the featured builders here:

Bryce Dempsey –

Cab~ –

Ted Andes –

Stuart Harris –

Shield-and-Sword- Bricks –

soccerkid6 –

Miro Dudas –

LegoHobbitFan -

Timothy Shortell –

LittleJohn –


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