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#1634 SET REVIEW: 10300 Back To The Future Time Machine

After many years of rumors, speculation and MOCs, LEGO has finally released a big scale DeLorean Time Machine, following up on the first Back To The Future Ideas set from 2013.

This time, Doc’s experiment is of a much bigger size, and features a great deal of detail. From an impressive hover mechanism to a light up Flux Capacitor, the build is full of surprises and impressive techniques.

And it doesn’t stop there! Marty and Doc are represented in very accurate minifigures and there’s even the option to build any of the three different DeLorean iterations from the iconic trilogy!

If you’re a Back To The Future fan run to the nearest LEGO store on April 1st (not an April Fools joke), as stock will fly and resell prices will explode once it retires!

Let us know your thoughts on the set and our review in the comments!

[Review product provided by LEGO]


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