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#164 Monday's MOC of the Week: Rorek's Workshop

This week's is from a user on Flickr by the name of Markus Rollbühler. He creates some stunning MOCs, but today I will primarily be featuring his latest build, Rorek's Workshop. You can check out his account on Flickr with this link:

This beautiful little building is home to a dwarven engineer, who is supplied with everything he needs to work away on projects. The attention to detail on this MOC brings his home to life, with the colours being realistic but bright and contrasting. I particularly love the metallic elements used for the fireplace, which helps the well built structure to stand out.

The roof of the building also looks very realistic, with a clever use of chest pieces for the outside border and 1x1 cheese slopes that perfectly create a tiled texture. This looks to be positioned with hinges, and it lays flush against the rest of the building with no gaps; not an easily feat. The walls have been spotted with occasional colour to detail them, and the surrounding landscape such as the natural looking tree and stone path up to the home create a beautiful environment for the little workshop.

For a such a great build, it is unfortunate there is only one picture, so I included a lot of his other creations, which show what a talented builder Markus is! Make sure to check out his Flickr account above for more stunning MOCs.


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