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#172 TECHNIQUES - Wall technique

Today's technique is a realistic wall, that could look complicated at first glance but it is really quite simple to include in your own MOCs.

The technique uses pieces in a clever way to position tiles or plates sideways, but in a flexible way as they can be arranged to look like a realistic wall. This is because the clips that attach to the bars can move which allows the tiles to move and create small gaps that represent the cement between the bricks. The tiles or plates attach to the clips by using 1x1 studs that have a hole in.

This all comes together to create the technique that is fairly compact but looks great. It is very useful for corners as unlike most techniques, they can be done easily as long as you extend the tiles out to cover the corner. It has been used in MOCs such as the one pictured, for the wall underneath the house, but could be used for the whole wall as well.

This technique is from the Flickr group LEGO Techniques:


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