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#1742 SET REVIEW: 10497 Galaxy Explorer

After much speculations regarding the 90th Anniversary sets scheduled for this year and the infinite rumours about the Galaxy Explorer making a return... here it is! The iconic spaceship is back and it's part of LEGO's "new" line, LEGO ICONS. Featuring a design one and a half times the size of the original one, the Galaxy Explorer boasts all of the original details that made the 1979 version such an iconic set: the trans-yellow canopies, the oversized rockets, the opening hatch with moon buggy... and much more!

New features include a new bigger cockpit, essential for accommodating the returning astronauts from the 1979 lineup and their companion droid, as well as a host of new prints based on vintage Space printed elements!

If you’re a LEGO fan, independently of your age and preferences, this set is an absolute must have, specially at this price point! The Galaxy Explorer is available for preorder on LEGO's website and will ship from August 1st, although we think it will sell out rather quickly. Have a safe intergalactic trip! 🚀

Let us know what you think of the returning Galaxy Explorer in the comments below!

[Review product provided by LEGO]


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