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#177 Sunday's SET ANALYSIS: 10259 Winter Village Station

As it is Christmas Eve, today I will analyse a festive set, the Winter Village Station. It features a bus, a station and a railway, so let's take a look at the techniques used:

1. Hinges - hinge parts are used throughout the set, for the ramp leading to the station and the positioning of the roofs

2. Good part use - parts such as microphones (used for the railing) are used in new ways to portray objects in the village

3. Snow - this has been illustrated well, using wedge pieces, round tiles and even tooth pieces, which show the snow on the pathway.

4. Bright and contrasting colours - a wide variety of colours such as yellow, dark orange, dark blue, sand green and white are used to give the set a festive atmosphere.

5. Greebling - certain parts are used that serve no function but add detail, especially on the front of the festive bus

6. Turntable positioning - part of the building is positioned at a 45 degree angle, and is attached to a turntable (see pictures) which is sunk into the floor to hide it from view.


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