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#1771 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: 22667 Cherries

This week’s Favourite Brick Friday features the cherries part (22667). After a not so glorious debut in the Scala theme, the cherries quickly became a staple food of LEGO sets, whether it is a medieval castle, a cafe or a pirate ship.

However, the faith of the cherries part is not limited to being a fruit and builders use it in tremendously creative ways to create texture and to represent small spherical objects.

Let’s explore some of these creative uses through builds by: Julius Kanand:, @milan_sekiz:, @olivercgoetz:, Peuf:, The hydromancer:, gGh0st:, @tylerbuilds:, littlehaulic:, Kard Oohlu:, @glil_designs, @wherethewildbricksgo, Fiona @goggleblox, @gonkius: and LegoHobbitFan:


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