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#1792 SET REVIEW: 76405 Hogwarts Express Collectors’ Edition

CW: Harry Potter

All aboard the Hogwarts Express, for today we review the latest Collectors' Edition Harry Potter set!

There's no denying it's an iconic display piece - and with 20 minifigures, clever building techniques and the 10 stud wide carriages providing plenty of space for scenes from the films, this could very well be your ideal set. Unfortunately though, there are a few misses such as typos and inaccurate colours that are disappointing but shouldn't put you off the set entirely.

If you are trying to decide whether to get this set, the decision will be: do you have the space, and the spare cash, to buy and display it?

Let us know your thoughts on the set - are you considering buying it or have you already bought your ticket to Hogwarts?

[Review product provided by The LEGO Group but all opinions are our own]


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