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#1804 SET REVIEW: 40554 Jake Sully & his Avatar

Today we're reviewing a BrickHeadz set, an affordable and collectable addition to anyone's collection. These new BrickHeadz, numbered 180 and 181, are Jake Sully & his Avatar from the film Avatar, which is getting a sequel later this year. Notably, this BrickHeadz is the first with a wheelchair and articulated limbs, which D&I supporters like us will appreciate.

The set impressed us in a wide range of areas, from the printed parts and abundance of SNOT parts to the fantastic wheelchair design and accuracy of the characters. However, we did find one quality issue with the bricks that was disappointing, and the set lacks hair designs that usually make BrickHeadz interesting - a missed opportunity for the Avatar's hair.

Read our review and let us know your thoughts on this set in the comments!


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