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#1830 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: Whips (2488, 88704, 61975)

This week, we feature three different LEGO whips as part of our Favorite Brick Friday tradition. Appearing in LEGO sets as early as 1989, whips offer unique shapes and flexibility. Builders have since been using them in so many ways ranging from sculptural elements to bundle attachments.

Featuring builds by @littlejohn_brickbuilt:, @kitkat1414_:, @kevfett2011:, @jonaskramm:, @karfoohlu:, Jordan Schwartz:, @legomichiiiiii:, Scott:, @letrangerabsurde:, Bert Van Raemdonck:, @IsaacSnyder_Brickbuilt:, @Buildings_blockd:, and @Mitsuru_Nikaido:


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