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#1832 SET REVIEW: 21337 Table Football

The LEGO table football announced in the summer is finally here and will be available online November 1st. In the meantime, we’ve built it - and played quite a few matches - to share this review with you!

[Review product provided by The LEGO Group but all opinions are our own]

The set is beautifully designed (for a rectangle box) and includes lots of rounded parts and tiles to enhance the design. However, the set features little variety of parts and instead includes large numbers of brackets and tiles. The Minifigures, highly customizable and diverse, improve the part selection. The table is also surprisingly playable considering the scale and offers a way more pleasant experience than previous LEGO Sports themed sets. However, the build not particularly exciting and the value for money is average.

All in all, the set failed to score a high mark in all five of our categories and receives a very average score of 15/25. It remains a quality LEGO product that will provide you with an abundance of modern tiles, SNOT bricks and brackets, as well as a vast selection of minifigure heads and hairpieces.

Will you be picking up this set when it releases, or passing? We really hope to see the minifigure parts appear in other sets and perhaps even the Build a Minifigure stations in the future.


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