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#1834 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: The Burning of The Westfold by @jonaskramm

The 30th entry to the collaborative Lord of the Rings vignette MOC series depicts the burning of The Westfold from The Two Towers and was built by @jonaskramm on Instagram. In this post we will delve into the interesting parts and techniques used to recreate the Middle Earth architecture and other small details.

Some of these techniques include a highly detailed thatched roof design, unique builds to represent bundles of hay and straw, minifigure whips used as fencing and minifigure legs used to create ornate detailing.

Head to Jonas Kramm’s account for the other Lord of the Rings vignettes in the series!

This post was created by Cal Adlard who will soon be joining the Tips&Bricks team as a new contributor!


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