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#1848 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION - D&D Creatures and Monsters

To give you some inspiration for the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons LEGO Ideas competition, today we're looking at how you can make your own creatures and monsters from the magical tabletop world. Starting with player characters, we look at how unique piece combinations can make for some more unconventional species, followed by a showcase of some of the classic D&D monsters we know and love - from beholders to dragons!

Once you've created your own D&D build, make sure to head over to the LEGO Ideas website and, following the terms and conditions, submit your own build for the chance to become a real LEGO set!

Want to see more from these builders? You can find them online at: @fourbrickstall on Instagram (custom minifigures) /u/stevepowerswow on Reddit (Goliath) @legobuildingwithtimanddannii on Instagram (large beholder) /u/ASortaOkayBuilder on Reddit (small beholder, mimics, blue dragon) @cmaddisoncreations on Instagram (giant scorpion)


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